Great gym, staff and members make you feel welcome and comfortable, have never had to wait for a machine.



When I first thought about going to Bruno’s I was a bit anxious as I had been told it was a real power lifters gym but when I got there I was relieved to see all ages and all shapes and sizes using the facilities.

In my free induction I received expert tuition on all the equipment and when I explained what I wanted to work on with my body and muscles I was set a personal program for my own benefit and choice. This is also available to anyone who joins and is also free of charge!

I have now been going to Bruno’s for about 3 months, I go 3 times a week for an hour at a time and have lost over 20lbs in body weight! 🙂  I was also advised about my diet  to help maximise results.

Bruno’s is a gym for everyone and I challenge anyone to say otherwise.



Great atmosphere! Really welcoming 🙂 Men, women, unfit or fit everyone gets the same welcome!




Bruno’s is the best gym I’ve ever been to! It has a great atmosphere and is like a second family.

Come and see for yourself, you wont be disappointed.

!!!!! BEAST MODE!!!!!




10 years ago I began weights for the very first time at the age of 14 here at this gym, obviously I felt a tad scared entering a gym for the first time to train with weights when I had NO IDEA. Yet that was quickly replaced with confidence and anticipation for my next session at this gym. Everyone is friendly and can offer help if you need it, and no one ever got frustrated with me not using equipment properly (which cannot be said about most gyms).

I’m 110% passionate about training and fitness 10 years later and haven’t ever had time away from training, so clearly Bruno’s Gym did a AWESOME job!



I arrived 3 months ago having never been to a gym before in order to get fit for joining the army. The welcoming and friendly staff showed me how to do everything and gave me a workout plan that best suited my needs. My start date is now in 2 days and I feel in much better shape than 3 months ago! So, thank you Bruno’s!



Really good gym and everyone is so friendly. I never really looked forward to going to a gym before but now I’m a member here at Bruno’s I look forward to my 3 sessions a week.



Bruno’s Gym is a quality place to train, hit personal bests on all the big lifts and unlike many other smaller / independent gyms that I have trained at there wasn’t the cliquey or exclusive atmosphere that I had come to expect.

Good mix of experienced gym users and complete beginners, all easy to talk to and happy to give pointers and a spot here and there.

Without a doubt I would still be training at Bruno’s if I didn’t live 130 miles away!


Whenever driving past Bruno’s Gym I would see all these muscle bound men going in and out of the gym and would not have dreamed of crossing the threshold. Since joining I have definitely changed my opinion.

It is a lovely friendly Gym, everyone is really helpful and I would highly recommend a visit.


I use Bruno’s which has a really relaxed and friendly atmosphere. I have been set a workout program which I follow and have found a new lease of life!  I have lost over a stone and a half since going and feel great.

I would recommend Bruno’s to anyone,  membership prices are great value as well!



I love it at Bruno’s!  I have been going regularly for about 4 months now and have seen great results. I enjoy using the wide range of cardiovascular equipment that they have, particularly the treadmills and cross trainers.  I have lost nearly 2 stone in weight and feel absolutely fantastic for it.

Bruno’s is perfect if you want to exercise in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere with lots of help and no pressure. Why not see for yourself!



Very friendly, family run gym for anyone at any level. Great range of machines and supplements.



The place that dreams are made! Best gym in town! Home of most amazing gym
Family ever!
If you want to reach your goals and achieve the impossible then here’s the place to go for muscles to grow!



Bruno’s is the best gym I’ve ever been to.



Love this place, come along and be a part of  the Bruno’s family!



An old school gym with character for those that don’t like the new ‘clone’ gyms with no atmosphere.